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Research on Politics of Gendered Exclusion and Inequality

The Department is distinct in its rigorous interdisciplinary commitment to provide a substantial critique of politics of gendered exclusion and inequalities in a global and postcolonial world. Research at the Department focuses on the ways in which gender relations are shaped through intersections with other relations of power such as sexuality, ethnicity/race, ages, class, and body abilities and how these power relations foster exclusion and inequality.

Politics of gendered exclusion and inequality are experienced in the most intimate as well as the most public spheres, in terms of distribution of goods and recognition/misrecognition. These politics are explored at the Department by situating postcolonial, queer, “crip”, antiracist, and transnational feminisms in contemporary and historical sites across the globe of peace, war, conflict, and post-conflict.

Departmental research offers critical knowledge about the junction between the discursive and material dimensions of exclusive, uneven, and transformative politics in Sweden and societies as different as Argentina, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, India, Italy, Iraqi Kurdistan, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, and Vietnam.

The Department thus provides cutting-edge gender research of relevance for society at large.

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Department for Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Visiting address: Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14, House M, Lund
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