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Knowledge Production and Research Methods

The ways in which knowledge is produced and generate markers of categorization in regard to gender, sexuality, ethnicity/race, body abilities, and class and how they are perpetuated in political discourses and interventions are central to the Department’s research. Taking such insights into account, scholars in gender studies are vigilant concerning the ways in which they themselves produce/use knowledge.

Research at the Department generally draws on data acquired through the use of an ethnographic method (broadly defined). The method is applied to capture complexities, ambiguities, and nuances of importance for the study of the distribution of power and production of injustice. A series of techniques including observations, interviews, focus group discussions, narratives, testimonies, and questionnaires are used.

Yet, statistical overviews, genealogical archive studies as well as discourse analysis of texts and documents also are embraced by the Department’s ethnographically inspired method. Data gathered by the aid of cross-disciplinary feminist ethnographies provides a window for understanding how politics of gendered exclusion and inequalities are experienced in daily life by people living in the world’s remote villages, burgeoning cities, or in the spaces in-between.

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